Cognitive Function Study

Individuals needed to participate in a Cognitive Function Study. Please register by clicking on the link below and we will contact you accordingly for screening. Very limited enrollment so register online or call us today, thank you.

  • Gender:  Male/Female
  • Age Range:  20 – 55 years old
  • Number of Visits to Site:  3
  • Study Period:  6 weeks
  • Various questionnaires / Memory and Attention Test
  • General good health
  • Medical exam at no cost to you
  • Natural Product formula at no cost to you
  • Financial compensation $$ for your participation
  • Site location:  San Fernando Valley, Sherman Oaks, CA


Your participation in the clinical trial will be a great benefit
to you, the general public, and the medical community.

Thank You!

For more information: Please register by clicking the link below,
Cognitive Function Study Contact Page