Global Clinicals Joint Health man holding knee

Joint Health: Pain in the Act – By Global Clinicals Inc. CEO, Chris Baker

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 9.33.51 AMNo matter how young or old, it’s common to experience some form of pain associated with exercise. Some pain is “good”—meaning it’s a sign the body’s being taxed to stimulate muscle growth, increase strength and/or improve endurance. But some pain is bad, and the level of pain isn’t always a full indication of the severity of the injury. Some serious injuries may not be that painful, and some minor injuries may cause intense or unceasing pain. Any acute injury needs to be addressed as soon as possible by a medical doctor, preferably a specialist. Joint health should be taken seriously.

Pain also comes from minor injuries or from a slow grind of months or years of accumulated damage. These injuries can be addressed with supplements that have been proven to reduce injury and damage. In fact, one of the best strategies is to address joint and ligament problems before they occur. After all, a lifetime of training will eventually cause wear and tear that ultimately results in injury or compromise. This often leads to compensation to protect the injured joint or area, which causes other areas of the body to suffer, resulting in further joint or muscle stresses that can lead to additional injuries.

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