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Global Clinicals, Inc. Launches New Website

Global Clinicals is pleased to announce the unveiling of a new website and media program.  Our sponsors will now be able to keep current with the latest trends in clinical research.  We will provide up-to-date information on product safety and efficacy. This website will provide a way for sponsors to submit information on products they would like for a clinical trial. The company provides studies in the following areas including, alcohol, allergy, asthma, medical Cannabis (cannabinoids), cognitive function & memory loss, cold & flu, dermatology, diabetes (glucose research), energy, gastrointestinal, headache & migraine, immune health, joint and pain, neurology, obesity & weight loss, osteoarthritis, pain studies, podiatry, sexual performance and male enhancement, sports nutrition & sports performance, urology, women’s health, and medical devices.

As a full-service CRO, Global Clinicals Incorporated has performed
human efficacy clinical trials for national brand over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, homeopathics and natural products. Whether your research needs are great or small, our dedicated team of professionals can be of assistance. We offer a wide range of services that include among other things on our new website:

  • CLINICAL TRIALS (claim validation, efficacy, safety, tolerability)
  • PRODUCT REVIEWS (claims and ingredient research)
  • Bioavailability Studies
  • Bioequivalence Studies
  • Clinical Trial Consulting
  • Complete Project Management
  • Principal Investigator
  • Protocol Development and Design
  • Informed Consents
  • IRB Submissions
  • Regulatory Guidelines
  • Bio-Statistics
  • Lab Services (blood chemistries, etc.)
  • Patient Database and Recruitment
  • Scientific Journal Submission and Publication
  • Poster Presentations
  • Research For Litigation/Legal Purposes
  • Clinical Trial Reviews and Audits
  • Long-Term Patient Follow Up / Surveys
  • Other Submission Process: IND, NDA, NDI, ANDA

Global Clinicals, Inc. is aware of and responsive to the unique needs, timeliness, and confidentiality of our sponsors. We are known for having the fastest start-up time in the industry, which translates to significant cost savings. Our client’s benefit from our expertise in medical science; leadership in clinical research; and in-depth knowledge of regulatory guidelines. Global Clinicals Incorporated is committed to following the Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), as well as offer Quality Assurance.