Global Clinicals 18 Years of Success

Global Clinicals Celebrates 20 Years

Global Clinicals is the leading contract research organization for human efficacy and safety clinical trials for natural products, dietary supplements, and OTCs.

Global Clinicals committed to being the best research CRO with the fastest startup times, for your needs. Our clinical research provides quality science to validate claims of new and current products (ie dietary supplements, homeopathics and OTCs). As a result, product manufacturers can continue to make great products for all that wish to feel better, look better, and live better!

We are committed to accommodating your needs as the study sponsor. Our company follows IRB review for all of our clinical research projects. Additionally, we write design and develop the study protocol and informed consent for every client. We also provide scientific and medical research, submission to the IRB for approval, set up all patient files and case report forms.  Global Cinicals handles everything including creating and gathering all source documents, screening qualifying and recruiting study patients, MD exams and enrollment of patients, lab services and blood chemistries(as needed), patient compliance, study site visits, statistical analysis of study data, final report, publish in scientific journal (if available), paperless data compilation, study summary. Every project is customized and follows the study protocol and GCP (Good Clinical Practice).

We are celebrating 15 years in the Natural Products and Nutraceuticals industry. Thank you!  If you have a product requiring clinical science for claim validation, feel free to contact us to discuss. We are happy to quote your next project.

Join us at Natural Products Expo West! 

We will be at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. If you would like to schedule time with Global Clinicals CEO Christopher Baker on March 6th or 7th, contact us at 818.340.8923.

Thank you!